Saturday, January 23, 2010

"La Bonne Vie"

Yesterday it was a beautiful day here in Houston, so the kids and I decided to have alittle Aubrey and me time. If you come around here you will find out very quickly that our family is addicted to longboarding, scootering and the wood park. So here are few pictures from our trip. These kids are incredible and continue daily to put me in my place and make me a better person. :) Enjoy these beautiful faces.

Julian age 9
Milla Plum age 7


  1. aww, how cute that you took these pictures of them at the park! they are adorable kids :)

  2. Love these. Your children are going to have such amazing records of their childhood.

  3. looks like a kick ass day Aub!
    nice shots!

  4. Yes! Please take some pictures of our kiddos please. I love the natural, un-posed setting. It makes it feel more like beautiful, real-live memory. Great pictures Aubrey!


  5. I love your pics. "La bonne vie" sounds strange but sooooooo beautifull in french (we use to say la belle vie)
    Mathilde (from france)