Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mi Amor. (maternity series)

So the news is out! I'm gonna be a dad. I have to admit at times I am nervous but with out a doubt I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. Big things are happening in my work and in my family and that just excites me and only drives me to work harder and be a better dad! James and I have decided to do a weekly post on her blog and feature some photos of her growing baby bump and a letter to our unborn child. I will be taking all of the photos from the post and below are a few from "week 13" that I am in love with. This girl has to be one of the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen... boy am I lucky!!!! If you would like to see more click on the blog link to check out the Bleubird Vintage Blog and see the previous post and keep up to date with the future.

"All you need is love" ... John Lennon

(click images to enlarge)

Model: Miss James and Baby Bird
Photography: Aubrey McCoy
Location: Home Sweet Home



  1. Beautiful pictures Aubrey! James you look beautiful. We are so excited for your family. ♥