Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Weekend!!!

So this weekend was pretty awesome I must say. If you have not already heard from my huge mouth... Im gonna be a daddy!!!! Super excited and cant wait. So needless to say this Valentines holds a very dear place in my heart. I picked up the beautiful lady a few amazing gifts this year and I must brag alittle. I also built a new desk for my office out of recycled vintage filing cabinets and recycled birch. So enjoy the photos below of our new additions to the home.
"the valentines"
(if you dont know already...we love vintage)

"1950's globe"
"1940's dollhouse w/ furniture and 2 dolls"
"1950's salt and pepper shakers"

"1940's matchbook holder"

"early 1940's baby blocks and thread spools"

"the desk"
this is an awesome very inexpensive project and i personally think it looks a lot cooler than your normal store bought desk. Materials were 2 vintage filing cabinets (i liked 2 different colors) a sheet of birch or nice cabinet wood, stain and some anchor bolts for wood to metal. Pretty simple process... all i did was clean up the cabinets a little, sand and shape the birch for a desk top, then stain and anchor.



  1. good job handy man!
    and good job on picking great gifts for jamison!

  2. your desk looks amazing & thumbs up on V day shopping. :))